8 Jul 2015

Two new Tas-ka stores in one building!

inimini Tas-ka! Our brand new children's store. We sell beautiful wooden toys, mobiles, sleeping bags, books, blankets and much much more for the little ones. We're very proud to show you our beautiful new store! Prins Hendrikstraat 98, just across the street.

And our new Tas-ka store! A beautiful collection furniture by HAY, stationery, books, tableware, posters all our Tas-ka products and much more, all at one place. You're very welcome to admire our two brand new shops, Prins Hendrikstraat 98 and 104, The hague.

24 Jun 2015

Tas-ka is moving!!

Tas-ka is moving! On the fourth of july we will open our new store on the Prins Hendrikstraat 98 + 104 in The Hague. The other side of the street. One building with two Tas-ka stores, Tas-ka and Tas-ka inimini!

16 Jun 2015

Toc toc toc # 13

 Yes! From now Toc toc toc #13 is available! The interiors of Hester, Jantien, Tas-ka and Saar Manche are in this magazine.

4 Jun 2015

Eefje de Coninck 2

Eefje the coninck has also photographed the colourfull  house of Jantien!
Take a look at her blog for the whole report.

2 Jun 2015

Designkwartier 2015

Just like the last time it was a great success the second edition of festival Designkwartier 2015!! We presented our black "Nacht" collection so we painted our store black. In front of our window we had a funny little shop for children and a popcorn machine.
Three really busy days with a lot of visitors and we've met a lot of nice, interesting people. We hope to see you next year!
(the new black collection 'nacht' is available in our webshop soon)