27 Dec 2007


My sister gave me a lovely present this Christmas. A book of Rob Ryan with only papercut drawings. It's a story about being alone, and what kind of feeling that is.

24 Dec 2007

Hester and Jantien want to wish you a merry christmas and a very happy and healthy 2008!

It's cold!

Finally it's cold in our little country! The weather was beautiful and we went ice skating all day.

19 Dec 2007

Anneke Jakobs

Anneke JakobsAnneke Jakobs is a Industrial Product Designer. Here you see the transformation of her chair into 1727 unique buttons to connect them to as many people as possible. Bit by bit her home will be carried into the world so the world will become more her home. Smart thinking!

17 Dec 2007

Funny Jewellery

I found these pieces of jewellery on etsy, I think they are really funny!
The rings are from JDavis Studio's and the necklaces are made by Ball and Chain.
If you need a nice present for somebody or maybe your self go to their shops!

16 Dec 2007


Floris made a flyer for a childrens theatre: Inktvingers. This is the old flyer for "Inktvingers in tram 7". Right now he's busy making the one for 2008. And it looks great, already!


Today the weather was full of sunshine, and we got a free shadowplay of our neighbour cat.

13 Dec 2007


I just discovered the beautiful blog and work of Essimar. I love the colors and the small paper cuts she makes. Take a look at her etsy shop, where you can buy a lot of nice things.....

11 Dec 2007

Karin Eriksson

I still love the beautiful bowls, plates, vases and cups ofKarin Eriksson from Sweden.


Hema is my favourite shop in Holland and now they have also a webshop. You have to click at this link, little surprise!

5 Dec 2007

Little products.

A can by Ahlens.
Pins by Wreneleven.
Mustaches by Something's hiding in here.


Tiny little lamp made from a old bike repair kit. For more recycled products take a look at the website from Studio Hergebruik.

Hester Zagt

Beautiful jewellery from dutch designer Hester Zagt. I really love the shapes and the colors. The jewellery is inspired by dutch traditional costumes.

Jantien and I just bough a lovely chair for our atelier, we will show you some pictures later....