31 Mar 2014


We just came back from a lovely week in Marrakech. 
This place is magical, the people, the colours, the food and the weather it was all so good!
We went with our two little daughters and they loved it, people told us that it would be to busy, warm and dirty but we had the best time and it was one big adventure.
We stayed in two beautiful places, the first was Chambres d'amis in the heart of the medina. It is runned by a lovely Dutch woman who created a gorgeous and relaxing riad. Her taste in decoration is so good that every little detail is perfect. When the girls did their nap in the afternoon we relaxed on the roof terrace in the sun with the best tea.
At night we went out for food on the big square or they cooked for us. Both tasted delicious.
The second place we stayed was 30 min outside of Marrakech, Les deux tours. This is truly one of the most relaxing and beautiful places we ever visited. The hotel is situated in a big garden with little villas where the rooms are. The garden and the swimming pool are so gorgeous that you could wonder around the property all day without the feeling of being in a resort. There is also a big organic vegetable garden and they have goats, chickens and turtles. 
The combination of city and relaxing was perfect for us and this beautiful place is only a 3,5 hour flight away from the Netherlands so I can recommend it to everyone!

28 Mar 2014

Beautiful books!

 Yes! The new picturebooks are arrived, this makes us happy! From top to bottom:
* Middernachtspel, Kveta Pacovska
* Alle verhalen van kikker en pad, Arnold Lobel
* Het goedige monster, Max Velthuijs
* Wilde dieren, Rop van Mierlo
* Een vijf veel, Kveta Pacovska
* Klein verhaal over liefde, Marit Tornqvist
* De schilder en de vogel, Max Velthuijs.

10 Mar 2014

Looking down...

A few random photo's of our house looking down..
We are looking foward to spring because there are so many nice things happening this year!