16 Oct 2014


image: Mayken Craenen

This weekend the food festival "Krachtvoer" takes place in Antwerp.
The second edition's theme is: scarcity and abundance. According to Thomas Hobbes, scarcity is the natural status of human being. Would he think differently, living in the present time?Krachtvoer is a festival about food but doesn't focus exclusively on the culinary. It also covers questions about its impact on the environment, society and culture.Krachtvoer brings you lectures, documentaries, tastings, workshops and a little bit of Tas-ka!

image: Mayken Craenen

Taste, listen, learn, talk, think, look, try,... at Krachtvoer:
18 and 19th of october
DE Studio
Maarschalk GĂ©rardstraat 4
2000 Antwerpen 

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