22 Nov 2007

Mint Design

I love this dress from Japanese fashion brand Mint Design. The socks are the icing on the cake! Look at their website for more beautiful designs.

21 Nov 2007


Marucho is a french label with tiny simple girls dresses. I want them also, but then a little bit bigger!

19 Nov 2007


A shop in Kent, England, where Frank is selling a lot of little things.


Last weekend we went to the Dutch Island Texel, the seabirds were very close to catch some fish when we stand at the Ferry.

15 Nov 2007

Yoyo Ceramics

I like these new "vintage" cup en bowl from Yoyo Ceramics. They look like plastic but there not!

13 Nov 2007

My Papercrane

The land of happy plush pals. All items are made by hand by Heidi Kenney. Take a look around and stay a while!

8 Nov 2007


One hour blogging has showed me such beautiful images that I couldn't resist sharing them with you!
Tom Scott thanks to Renee

1 Nov 2007


I'm going to visit Helsinki in a couple of months and I'm looking for a nice hotel or B&B to stay in. Does anyone has any suggestions?