26 Nov 2009

Open Atelier

On Saturday the 28 th of November we have an Open Atelier again!
We invited you to come visit our atelier and enjoy the nice food made by Basaar.
You are able to see and buy all the products from our webshop and we also have a selection of samples from our Tas-ka collection for nice reduced prices!

Then we also have some great news....
We are very proud to show you some new products in our webshop:

Beautiful illustrations made by Sanne van Winden.

And the new PlayShapes made by Miller and Goodman.

We hope to see you this Sasturday from 13.uur until 18. uur at Nieuwe Molstraat 14, in The Hague!

Jantien + Hester

P.S. If you would like to visit us, please leave a comment.

23 Nov 2009

Lieve Sinterklaas

Dear Santa or Sinterklaas,

Maybe you could bring me something special from Finland?
I wont be picky, I love it all!!

Dank U wel!

12 Nov 2009


The English brand Toast has always clothes, accesories and homewear with a great winterfeeling, they're on my wishlist!

6 Nov 2009

Bang Bang

We don't have children, but else we would love to buy some of those adorable Bang Bang clothes.. Bang Bang is available at the Dutch webshop of Buisjes en Beugels +++, and that's also a very nice webshop.