28 Jan 2008

Kathleen Hills

This rolling pin of Kathleen Hills has raised lettering that print into your pastry 'made in england'. And her double spouted milk jug has foil milk tops in various colours, just like the old days..

23 Jan 2008

Wooden plates

We've got a new product at our website, our wooden plates both formed like houses, of course.. See productlijn. (we're working on the english version of our website..)

Carol Hummel

Suddenley I found the website of Carol Hummel at the internet, she is an artist who decorates the nature at an original, beautiful and sometimes in a comic way.

17 Jan 2008

New products

Some new products of Tas-ka! We've got 3 categories: Children, living and accessoires, you see of each categorie one product, but we've got much more. Take a look at our website www.tas-ka.nl at productlijn.


Beautiful papercuts made by Su Blackwell.

15 Jan 2008

Stand at "Kleine Fabriek"

This was our stand at the fair "Kleine Fabriek" in Amsterdam. We presented our whole new collection, so it was very exciting for us. We designed our own fabric, 2 different designs in 4 colours. We received a lot of positive reactions so now we're exhausted and also very happy!

8 Jan 2008


We are working very hard this week on our new collection, so we haven't been posting allot..... I will show you a small glimpse of our new fabrics. And of course when we are done we will post pictures of the whole collection!