31 Mar 2008


I found these three calenders and I can't choose.. the one on top is calling: 2008 ribbon calender, an inventive way of drawing, with a couple of ribbons, and a hole in the middle.
The middle one, Joy by Day by Toy Calender, has his own stickers, so you can mark your special days, with special little drawings.
The lowest one, Picnic Calender. A small calender with simple black drawings of plants, trees and insects.

Chris Gilmour

It's amazing what Chris Gilmour can make with only cardboard and glue.. You have to take a look!
(Thanks observatoriohm)

24 Mar 2008

Maria Nuutinen

Maria Nuutinen is a designer who loves collecting and makes objects with a twist. See her pincushions.

20 Mar 2008

Blue Polkadots

I've got a summerfeeling, AHUM.. A little bit strange cause it's raining al the time. But everywhere I found nice (blue) summer outfits, and now I think it's time for some sunshine!

16 Mar 2008


Today we went for a walk with my family. It was really wet outside, but with our raincoats and rubberboots on, we had a lot of fun in the woods!

Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries

A spread out of the book Lepidoptera Domestica. The work consists a large number of domestic objects serving as a starting point for a butterfly collection.

The weddingcake of Esther de Vries and Richard Niessen.

Poster Kopperprent 2004, Unfortunately sold out!

Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries are both designers and work together since 2005. They use a lot of different layers in one work, as you can see. I love it!

10 Mar 2008

White Pepper Ice Cream

White Pepper Ice Cream is an (I think) Italian Illustrator, who draws funny, simple and splendid figures. It reminds me of the time that I was a little girl..
Thanks to Flo I found these drawings!

9 Mar 2008


The ideal sunday for me, yesterday we had a party, so I woke up late and I'm walking arround in my pyjama reading magazines and books like MilkDeco and Elle Tuinen, and listening to my new cd of A Fine Frenzy.

7 Mar 2008

Rosa Mosa shoes

The Austrian Simone Springer and the Japanese Yuji Mizobuchi are the two designers of Rosa Mosa.
Their shoes are based on something that already exists, transferred into something new, they say. Their shoes are a little bit raw and that's what makes them beautiful.

2 Mar 2008

Growing Furniture

I love this concept of growing your own furniture. And it looks beautiful!

Ruby Republic

I like the pictures for clothing company Ruby Republic. There t-shirt are very nice aswell!!