23 Jan 2008

Carol Hummel

Suddenley I found the website of Carol Hummel at the internet, she is an artist who decorates the nature at an original, beautiful and sometimes in a comic way.


kate said...

Based on these images you posted of Carol Hummel's work I thought you might find the work of Cluade Cormier interesting. Cluade Cormier is a Canadian Landscape Architect. His work can be seen at: http://cormier.bassoburo.com/projects/
In particular, you might enjoy the following projects; Solance, Blue Tree, Blue Forest, and Blue Stick Garden. Have fun!

Jessica said...

I am awestruck by these photos, I love the first one..so stark against the white background.


Annalisa Backlund said...

Gorgeous work! Nice to see you back blogging. Hope the production is going well.

nina said...

Oh this is so great! I'd love to have such a colourful tree in my garden!

tim said...

nice! see Carol Hummel at Future of the City Award.. http://www.smart-urban-stage.com/blog/future-of-the-city/the-surface-of-a-city-3