16 Jan 2010

Ina & Matt

The Architects couple Ina Meijer and Matthijs van Cruijsen work together in two previously big sheds in the Dutch meadows, totally re-designed of course. They do beautiful work together, from mood/ colour boards to products and architecture. I'm especially jealous at their working space....


marie said...

what a great space! I'm jealous too:)

baingia said...

we´ve been following your blog and we love it.
we linked it to our new one
we hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy yours!
plese feel free to link un in yours if you like it.
congratulations ,our best!!!!!. Gavina ,Nuria and Maria. Baingia

阪戸美穂 Miho Sakato said...

very nice! your friend??


the textured leaf said...

Thought id let you know that I visited. You may like to see the post I did (on a house we renovated)yesterday on the power of white paint. There are before and after shots. Ill be showing the rest of the house as well, later

tiel said...

looks so nice and fresh.