2 Feb 2011

Our shop..

We have changed the 'layout' of our store, and here you see the result.


dani said...

looks great! : )

We Blog Artists said...

very sweet...I would love to visit one day.

naa said...

Your shop always looks so nice on the photos... I hope I'll see it in person someday! :)

SpdZ said...

Die kast is zo leuk gedaan!

enterrement de vie de célibataire said...

Je découvre ton blog et j'adore...


karin van den broek said...

I love it!

I bought the BEST gift for my dear friend in your lovely store...

see you soon!

louise said...

Looks gorgeous. I'd love to be able to visit and enjoy it in person. xolj

Mikkili.com said...

Wow, I love the white lamp.

Kim said...

De blauwe bank (?) ziet er aantrekkelijk uit. Verkopen jullie dit nu ook?

Rest ziet er - as always :-) - super uit...

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