15 Feb 2013

Het verzameld breiwerk van Loes Veenstra, uit de 2e Carnissestraat.

Loes Veenstra from Rotterdam is addicted to knitting. Since 1955, she knitted on and on. The production rate is higher than the bargain rate, so her house is filled with unworn, homemade sweaters. The 500 sweaters she made are portrayed in this book designed by Chris Meindertsma. Meindertsma, wanted something more with the sweaters and decided to work with art company Wandschappen organizing a tribute to Loes Veenstra and her sweaters. A sort of flashmob with locals who all wearing the sweaters of Loes. I think it's quite emotional! You can buy this book in our webshop.


April Sharman said...

I love the way these little drawings in the book have been displayed!

Ahy said...

Whouw! Quite emotional indeed!

Marleen ten Napel said...

Hey..2de Carnissestraat is bij mij om de hoek, jemmer dat ik dit genmist heb ;). Mooi boekje trouwens !

damestassen online said...

Kan ik het boekje ergens bestellen? wil hem voor iemand kopen.

Tas-ka said...

Je kunt het boekje in onze webshop www.collectedbytas-ka.com kopen. (Button: books)

marble mantels said...

Love this emotional post. xo
~ Herman Swan

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