9 Apr 2014


Last summer we moved to our new home, it had to be renovated completely so the garden was not at the top of our list. But we did enjoy it so much and even the vegatables that we planted quicky did great. Now that spring is here we finaly have some time to "renovated" the garden little by little...
The garden was full with stones witch we removed to put gras in it, then we rearagend the plants that where allready there and made good friends with our local gardencentre and put a new small plant in it every week.
Over the winter we decided that it would be nice to have a tree and last week we bought a krentenboom, this weekend we did our vegetable garden and planted allot of seeds.
I buy most of the seeds at this beautiful shop and we went to Villa Augustus for inspiration!
In a few weeks I hope that we can show you some of the seeds that came up and more of our garden renovation plans!