30 Jun 2007

Christopher Silas Neil

I love these illustrations of Christopher Silas Neil. You can buy his prints on his website!


I like making sketchbooks with all my favourite things in it. This is one of sukie, Sukie designs a lot of books you can write in. And they have also a letter writing set and handkerchiefs and teatowels. Nice nice nice!

27 Jun 2007


Hester en Jantien were drinking a cup of coffee in the garden of a cafe, then there was a little tuinkaboutertje sitting in a plant, watching us...

25 Jun 2007

23 Jun 2007

Het geeft niet...

"Het geeft niet liefje lief, het is niets. Een ander had het misschien wel net zo gedaan." This is a sentence out of a song of HET GLOREN. I built the sentence with candy's I bought yesterday with my sister in The Hague.
You can hear the songs of Het Gloren at www.myspace.com/hetgloren.


My closet, I put some buttons on it.

21 Jun 2007


Last saturday I bought this lampion from living on the move on the Waterloo Festival in Rotterdam
Nice isn't it??

18 Jun 2007


I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this Sunday. Made beetroot soup, i just love the color of the beetroot!

14 Jun 2007


Hester and me (Jantien) love the work of Elisabeth Dunker from Sweden! You can see her work at a multi-disciplinary art and design partnership site, www.lula.se

13 Jun 2007

Mooi weer spelen

Last saturday we were at the "mooi weer spelen" in Delft. There's every year a big spectacel, this time theatre Titanick was playing firebirds. A lot of fire, funny actors and crazy "flying machines". It was very very beautiful, I felt myself if I was in a totally different fantasie world.

12 Jun 2007


Zeloot is a dutch graphic/ illustration designer. I like her posters a lot!!