16 Feb 2009


Karl Nawrot's playing with stamps and letters. With six "wooden stamps" you can do a lot of nice things. And each rubber stamp consists a different combination of geometrical elements of the same size. The collection would expand due to an infinite number of combinations. Easy isn't it?

3 Feb 2009


I love these knittings! She also makes wonderful photo's.
All the knittings are for sale in her shop.

1 Feb 2009


At the beginning of January we spend some very cold days in wonderful Berlin.
The city was covered in snow and ice so we had to drink coffee every two hours to get warm.... but we didn't mind!
We visit some beautiful shops and a nice fleamarket but the little caf├ęs, restaurants and bars where the best. We ate so many nice things, drank a lot "Milch Kaffees" and had the best breakfasts!

Rsvp Berlin