28 Jan 2010

Gabriel & Schwan

Fenke Schwan & Alex Gabriel
work together in Germany and design accessories and fashion, they have a very clear way of using colour. I discovered there label in the German Magazine Nido, I recommend this magazine because of there orginal and unique way of styling and photography.

22 Jan 2010

Where the wild things are..

We went to the movie "Where the wild things are", like the homonymous children's book. Beautifully made and if you're a 10 years old child, I think this will be your most favourite film ever..

16 Jan 2010

Ina & Matt

The Architects couple Ina Meijer and Matthijs van Cruijsen work together in two previously big sheds in the Dutch meadows, totally re-designed of course. They do beautiful work together, from mood/ colour boards to products and architecture. I'm especially jealous at their working space....

5 Jan 2010

Allemaal Mensen/ All kind of people

I got this "childrens" book from Hester as a New Years gift. Full of drawings, you've to find the comparison between two pages. For example the nudist and the invisible man...