30 Mar 2009

19 Mar 2009

Delicious jewelry

The cutest jewelry that doesn't only look good, but also smells like the real thing!
Wouldn't you just like to eat one?

16 Mar 2009

Audax Textielmuseum Tilburg

We payed a visit to the Audax Museum of Textiles in Tilburg.
They have beautifull machines that are still being used by students and designers.
Definitely worth the visit!

9 Mar 2009

Bobo Choses

Beautiful photo's and very nice children's clothes from the brand Bobo Choses.

2 Mar 2009

special prices!

We have a little sale! Three different planners and one poster/ calender. Have a look at "Collected by Tas-ka"

Last week

We received the new Tas-ka labels, the new miller/goodman blockgame for our webshop. And just some nice colour combinations...