22 Apr 2008

Zsuzsanna Ilijin

Zsuzsanna Ilijin is based in Amsterdam and designs posters, illustrations, screenprints and worldmaps.

18 Apr 2008

Birthday party

It's Floris and his twinsisters birthday today! So I baked a moccacake yesterdaynight. And Floris and me baked a lot of little cakes for his work (at 1:o'clock in the morning..)with smilies on it. At the HEMA I bought some happy birthday things, and I could not resist this teenage underwear, (why they make always nicer underwear for younger people....) So today it's a very happy colourfull day.

14 Apr 2008


Yesterday I made red tomato soup, I bought new red shoes of Kawasaki and I found this red animal..

10 Apr 2008

Niels Broszat

I would love to have one of these "old" flower paintings by Niels Broszat.
Niels Broszat is a dutch artist who creates stills of flowers using a wide range of differnt techniques.

8 Apr 2008

Studio Nommo

I think I never saw so many beautiful wallpapers from one company. Look at theire website for even more wonderful wallpapers!

Bloesem Kids

Hester and I did an interview with Irene from Bloesemkids! You can read it here.