31 Aug 2007


I didn't know Elisabeth Dunker has also her own website!! Owwhh I can't get enough of her wonderfull work.

Working at home

I was working at home, folding cranebirds..

28 Aug 2007

Sara Fanelli

I have a few childrenbooks of Sara Fanelli and she makes always very busy drawings with a lot to see!

26 Aug 2007


It's Hester her birthday today!! Congratulations! Hester here's your birthday card, I see you tomorrow with kisses and a present..

24 Aug 2007

22 Aug 2007


And spring is a webshop, I especially like the stationary products. Almost every product has his own "how to use" pictures. That's what makes you even more greedy...

21 Aug 2007

Liivian Talossa

I can't read anything on this weblog, but I still love it.
The pictures have such nice colors that it is almost magical.
Take a look yourself because it is so lovely, and maybe when you are able to read Finnish it is even more wonderfull!
Thank you Elisabeth for the great link!

20 Aug 2007

Siriwan Bobo

I found somewhere on the internet the flickr site of Siriwan Bobo. She photographed herself almost every day to show what kind of clothes she's wearing that day, I love her style, she's got A LOT of different dresses and shoes.


And I have to show you this beautiful lamp of balloons also from Akiro Minagawa!

19 Aug 2007

Minä Perhonen

Yesterday I read an article about Japanese designer Akiro Minagawa (magazine Selvedge issue 16). The designs for his fashion label Minä Perhonen are so beautiful that I had to write about it! The colors that he used are very refined and the clothes have a lot of nice details. If you want to see more of his work take a look at his website!

18 Aug 2007


Our holiday in Spain, we went to the beach and the mountains of Andalusie, to Sevilla and Madrid. Very beautiful!

17 Aug 2007


You can't have enough ballerina's!!


Last weekend my "father in law" was giving a party because of his 60's birthday. The theme of the night was of course The Sixties. There were a lot of people dressed up and gave a performance, so funny! I had a very good time!!

16 Aug 2007

15 Aug 2007

Handmade wallpaper

Magnificent hand printed wallpaper by Dunford Wood.


Humanoid is a Dutch fashion label, there designs are really simple and made from lovely fabrics.
They open a new store tomorrow, where they also sell Isabel Marant, Bruuns Bazaar and Vanessa Bruno. Take a look at there website for there fall/ winter collection.

14 Aug 2007

De Overkant

Today we treated our self's on a nice cup of coffee and a tasty sandwich!
We went to "de Overkant" a lovely lunchroom near our atelier.

13 Aug 2007

Susan Bijl

We love these shopping bags from Susan Bijl, we both have one!
They are really practical, you can use them for so many things.
You can buy them in her webshop, if you can choose.... because there are so many colors!

12 Aug 2007

Abigail Percy

I don't wear a lot jewellery but I do love the designs of Abigail Percy.
Look at her website for lovely earring's, brooches and necklaces.

At home

Yesterday I had a quiet day at home, I read the papers and some nice magazines.
I bought these flowers four weeks ago and the still look pretty!

9 Aug 2007

Studio Andersom

My brother (Jeroen Worst) and his lovely wife Ann Vereecken are the creators of Studio Andersom. They design living objects such as the gardenhouse, it is small house of only one square meter but it contains every thing you need in your garden.
I adore the little yellow play house that they build for my niece and nephew!
Take a look at there website for more of there beautiful work.


Making a lot Boodschappentassen (shoppingbags) lately!

7 Aug 2007


I saw these "hinkel" stones on the street yesterday, they reminded me of my childhood where i "hinkeld" a lot!