20 Jan 2009

101 Woonideeen.

In number 101 of the Dutch magazine 101 Woonideeen there's a lot of Tas-ka.... You can look inside our atelier, inside the house of Hester, you can find wrapping paper designed for 101 woonideeen and also a chinese lantern designed by Tas-ka. It's a little bit strange to see yourself like this, but also very nice!

nice things..

Photo of Inktvingers 2009 flyer, made by Floris. And Hester found some nice things in Berlin, a little cardboard house and beautiful wrapping paper.

13 Jan 2009

6 Jan 2009

4 Jan 2009

Happy new year!

I just bought this beautiful calendar from Kollega to start the new year. They also have a very nice blog.