28 Oct 2010

Shop Tas-ka

Tas-ka is opening a shop, maybe you know already.... But because we want to make everything perfect, we have decided to open at november 16 in stead of november 2.

26 Oct 2010

New Japanese Books!

We've got some very nice new Japanese books in our webshop! These are the newest ones: Finland Family Style, Patisserie a Paris, Belgium Family Style, Bureaux a la maison, London Family Style and Paris Family Style.

22 Oct 2010

Design Goods Showcase

Tas-ka is in a very nice Japanese book! "Design Goods Showcase. A book about products from stationaries to interior products to fashion goods. Published by BNN, Inc.

18 Oct 2010

Mon colonel

Moncolonel is a little french company, they earch, select and bring existing furniture to a new life, they also design their own collection, in collaboration with specialized craftsmen and small wood factories. That makes me greedy!

7 Oct 2010


We are opening our "real" shop in the middle of November at the Prins Hendrikstraat 97 in The Hague!!!