31 Dec 2008


Yesterday it was a cold day, the whether was beautiful, and the ice was strong enough to skate on. So it was a great day and probable the ice will be strong enough for the rest of the week, so it's a real winter holiday!

24 Dec 2008

New shoes!

Finally I received my new shoes ! Just in time for my christmas outfit..

23 Dec 2008

Miller and Goodman

What a good idea! The duo Zoe Miller and David Goodman designed this blockgame. You can make your own crazy faces and forms. I think it's a nice play for every age..

Update: The ShapeMaker is now for sale in our webshop

20 Dec 2008

Dusty wuppie

Hihihi, yesterday I was cleaning my house, but it didn't work well because the hoover was blocked up. This little dusty wuppie was the reason why.. (A wuppie is a dutch little puppet, they use it as advertisement material)

18 Dec 2008

Are you in for a suprise?

I love this idea, Nadine Yoneko designs posters just for you!
This is how it works:

25 posters for $150,00
Terms and condition?
2 weeks turnaround, no logos, no proof, no pdf, not limited in colors (but this can largely vary), just the surprise into your hands. Up for the challenge as a client?

I think it is a good first thing on my to do list for 2009!

17 Dec 2008

Apartamento #2

Apartamento is a new nonchalant, little and pleasant magazine about appartements (jaja really..), and the story about the people, especially men, who lives in the appartements.

16 Dec 2008

Lucy and Bart

The blog of LucyandBart is a collorabation between Lucy McRae and Bart Hess. They share a fascination with genetic manipulation and beauty expression and meet each other at friday after work,to do wonderfull things with the human body and make pictures of it.

12 Dec 2008

Marloes Kroeze

Just a new blog of Marloes Kroeze, a Dutch Fashion Designer who makes theatrical clothes with a lot of funny details!

9 Dec 2008

Little chairs

We couldn't help ourselves... we love these little chairs.
But we dont have anymore space in our homes or atelier that's is why they are for sale in our webshop.

7 Dec 2008

This week

Just some pictures of last week. I received some beautiful presents of Sinterklaas.

3 Dec 2008

Open Atelier

This weekend we had "open atelier". There came a lot of people to visit us, it was a nice, busy, cosy, moving day!

28 Nov 2008


Yesterday we had three Japanese woman over from the Japanese Magazine Zakka to photograph our atelier. They gave us very beautiful gifts with also wonderful wrapping paper, so friendley and nice!

25 Nov 2008


Sinterklaas is in Holland again to bring gifts for the children. I bought a childrens lookbook about the story of Sinterklaas and his zwarte pieten. A beautiful book with nice drawings, you see and find a lot funny things on every page.