30 Jul 2007


I couldn't resist these pinky chairs, i bought two of them for only 6 Euro's!

Hugo och Rosa

I was not feeling so well last week (they removed my wisdom teeth) but this wonder full documentary made me smile again.
The documentary Hugo och Rosa from Bengt J├Ągerskog is about a brother an sister how lived there hole life together in a small wooden house in Sweden.

20 Jul 2007

Baum und Pferdgarten

Wonder full Danish fashion label, for more information and photo's take a look at there website.

18 Jul 2007


I bought some cherries at the market and an alphabet at the second hand store...

16 Jul 2007

David, Thurston, Franklin, Tom and Wilson

I saw these bearded guys at Designsponge, and i just love them.
You can buy these beautiful prints from Ashley Goldberg on her website!

14 Jul 2007

De Parade

Last night i went with Geesje to the Parade. The Parade is a summer festival with cabaret, theater, music and very nice food! It was a lovely summer night, we had a lot of fun watching people and we also saw a very nice cabaret show!

13 Jul 2007


My boyfriend Floris makes a lot of refined little drawings. I just want you to see them, because else they are laying there in the closet. So this is the first.. Love Jantien.

Rose and Radish

"The wood"

Rose and Radish is a fantastic store/ gallery in San Fransisco. They work every 3 months with a different theme, and also the products are unified by that theme. I want too have everything!!! There is also a shop and a blog of rose and radish, ENJOY!

11 Jul 2007

Zoe de Las Cases

Zoe de Las Cases is a French label who makes very nice ideas for children. For Example, a kit to make your own parfume! Their website is a joy to see, with lots of little drawings.

News from Sweden

Lovely designs from Swedish illustrator Hanna Werning.

And then these very adorable children's clothes by Mini Rodini.

10 Jul 2007


Wonderfull things you can do with sugar. These products are from Belle de Sucre, take a look at there website for more beautiful sweets!

8 Jul 2007

Lovely chair

I don't have any babies yet, but i love this chair.
We saw it at a secondhand shop, but we didn't buy it!

6 Jul 2007

Graduate projects

Graduate project of Hester: Knitted skirt and picture of 3 outfits with bubblegum and cake!

Graduate project of Jantien: Fabric and wooden design shoes.

3 Jul 2007


I played some Rummikub today, i actually had to work but couldn't resist...
Last week when i went to the garden market i saw these beautiful cactus's.

Our little mini monster became GMZ87Pro

One of the monsters that we sold became GMZ87Pro and now has his own blog.
You can read (in dutch) all about his adventures and the things he likes the most.
We love this idea of Bregje Lampe and hope to see much more of GMZ87Pro in the future!
If you want to buy one of our mini monsters you can go to our webshop