24 Feb 2008

My little garden

I planted basil and gardencress in little glass bowls to have a tiny garden in my home!

21 Feb 2008


We made alot of photo's this week for our new catalog. We will show you the end result soon!

20 Feb 2008

17 Feb 2008

Thank you!

I recived these beautiful gifts from Joanna Goddard, she was my swap partner at the Collective Project from Montmartres sketchbook. The print is by Marcel Dzama, the wooden pear is from England and the lovely little cards are from Studio Dauphinepress. I hope she will like the package I send her...

14 Feb 2008

Shadows of Joe Penrod

Joe Penrod is painting shadows of all different objects and making pictures of the result, the effect is beautiful.

11 Feb 2008


We had a great time in Kopenhagen. Beautiful shops, nice people and very good food

5 Feb 2008


Hester and I are going to Copenhagen tomorrow! We're very excited about our trip!

3 Feb 2008

Beautiful drawings!

Annemarie send us this drawing, she's going to make a poster for us with a sentence of the music of Het Gloren.

Sanne (Living on the move) moved to an new home in Delft, we received her moving card.
This is the new flyer of the theatre spectacle "Inktvingers" (you have to click on the refresh button a couple of times, it's fun! If you want to see the inktvingers website) by Floris.

I found this recordcover in our long-playing records box.

1 Feb 2008

Hetty Rose

Very colourful shoedesigns by Hetty Rose. She calles it her Kimono collection, I think that's the right name. Hetty Rose is using nice details like buttons. It would be so nice if I had one pair for very special colourful party's..