29 Oct 2007

La France!

Last week I had a little holiday in France, the Bourgonge, with my family. We rent a farm of a friend of my mother and spend a lot of time outside the house. And in the evening the fireplace was burning. I left Hester, so she did the work all alone that week, thanks!

28 Oct 2007

sally scot

Wonderfull clothes from Sally Scot, I really like their pictures!
Thanks to Renee from Montmarte's sketchbook for this great link!

25 Oct 2007

22 Oct 2007

Toast Home

A already loved the clothes from Toast, but now they also have beautiful products for your home!

Thank You

A big thank you for Elisabeth Dunker for sending me this gorgeous poster!
I didn't hang it yet because it just looks beautifull every where!

: This poster is now for sale on Elisabeths Etsy shop.

20 Oct 2007


Very practical and simple hall stand, made by German company Moormann.

18 Oct 2007

Rubber rain boots

Because it's raining and even then you want to look fabulous..


These clothes and fabrics are magical! Take a look at their website for more...

17 Oct 2007

Michael Stevenson

Michael Stevenson photographed people who are unusual in some way. Some have albinism, blindness or a skin disorder.
Thanks ytlig for showing this fascinating pictures.

Nina van de Goor

Beautifull ceramics by Nina van de Goor. She also has a very nice blog!

12 Oct 2007


Saltwater is a Brittish label. The clothes, the patterns and the pictures...I like it.

8 Oct 2007

Rob Ryan

Wonderfull work from designer Rob Ryan. These tiles are so pretty!!!

3 Oct 2007

2 Oct 2007

Books and more.....

Today I came across this wonderfull weblog called Book by its cover.
Textile designer Julia Rothman is the creator of this weblog where she shares her own book collection as well as the nice books that she finds everyday on the web.
I think its a perfect way to share the things you like with others!
She also is a very talented designer, for more of her work take a look at her website.