30 Sept 2007

Annemarie van den Berg

Annemarie is a dutch graphic designer and she 's doing a lot of different things with letters, I like it!!

28 Sept 2007


These wonderfull drawings on postcards are made by designer Diana Fayt.
Isn't it lovely to get mail this beautifull!

De Daltons

De Daltons is my favourite childrens program on the dutch television. It's about 3 young brothers who play together and mess around. Now the 3 brothers are 7 years older and they going to make an new serie with them! "De Daltons 7 jaar later"

25 Sept 2007

Tas-ka op woonbeurs

Our birdshade in a stylinghouse of the dutch magazine 101 woonideeen at the woonbeurs in Amsterdam.

And our shoppingbag in the same house.

24 Sept 2007

chocolat d'amour

This weekend I visited "De Kunsthal" Chocolat d'Amour. Everywhere chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Marije Vogelzang was also there with her "Proef" stand and chocolate and her chocolate moustache. I tasted a lot of different chocolates...mmmmm

19 Sept 2007

Henrik Vibskov

On our vacation in Germany, Sweden and Denmark we came across Henrik Vibskov a lot.
His knitwear is amazing!

15 Sept 2007


Saturday It was (finally!!) a very nice sunny day and I went to Amsterdam with 3 friends. We ate and drinked some white wine in the sun next to the water. And of course we did a little bit of shopping. It was a very lovely day!

Louise Jennison & Gracia Haby

Lovely postcards by Louise Jennison and Gracia Haby!

14 Sept 2007

Asa Westlund

Wonderfull traditional inspired Swedish wooden clogs. These "new" versions of the clogs are designed by Asa Westlund, they are all hand painted.
I would love to have a pair! For more clogs take a look at her website.

10 Sept 2007


We bright up our house with a fluor pink poster.

7 Sept 2007

Bianca and family

The website "bianca and family" is selling old children furniture, and a lot of toys. Especially the chairs are beauties.

6 Sept 2007


An old sketchbook of mine (Jantien) I made it in the fourth class of the Academy. That's one of the things I like to do, put all your favourite things in a book and draw and write on it. I have to make some time to make some books again..

Ngating Lee

Today Ngating Lee send me an email: her new website is online! She always designs little things and draws little things,I think she has a very Chinese way of work (maybe logic..)

5 Sept 2007

3 Sept 2007

Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart is a photographer who makes pictures with a lot of humor, sometimes you have to look a while before you understand what he means.