27 Jun 2008

Design Studio Lo

I like the products from Design Studio Lo. The fact that they are all flat makes it really easy to transport and it looks great aswell...

20 Jun 2008

Studio Aandacht

Studio aandacht is a styling and photography company that works for magazines, manufacturers and musea.
When I looked around at their website I recognised a lot of pictures from magazines I read, some of them I saw a long time ago. And that's a good thing !

19 Jun 2008

Vegetable Garden

This weekend I visited a very old vegetable garden. Is was so peacefull and calming to be there and to look at al the plants. I would love to have a garden like this one day...


I bought some great undies and a really nice bikini at Delia's!

11 Jun 2008

New atelier

We're almost finished with our new atelier!! It feels like our second home, drinking coffee and having lunch at our "lunch area", working at our "office area", showing our products at our "showroom area" and doing the dishes in our little kitchen. We're happy!

10 Jun 2008

Lepidoptera Domestica

I bought this book of Manon van Kouswijk, Lepidoptera Domestica. She cut a lot of butterflies out of plastic bowls, wooden plates etcetera. And made pictures of them like a very big collection.

6 Jun 2008

Laura Owens

The American artist Laura Owens! These are some pictures from her book.